The McMinn County Election Commission voted to consolidate Precinct 3 Central High School and Precinct 4 Englewood School.  Both will now be Precinct 4 Englewood School.  All voting for Precinct 4 will be at Englewood School.  New voter registration cards will be mailed to Central High School voters with the correct voting location after July 1, 2023.

Precinct 10 TCAT voters will be moved to McMinn County High School.  By doing this we will have more voter parking.  Voting will be in the McMinn County High School Cafeteria.  Precinct 10 voters will be receiving new voter registration cards after July 1, 2023, with your correct voting location.

Precinct 1 City Park voters your precinct voting will be at the new consolidated Athens City School.  It will still be called the City Park Precinct.